how to create a new method with signature of another

2024/4/14 4:12:31

How can I copy the signature of a method from one class, and create a "proxy method" with same signature in another ?.

I am writing a RPC library in python. The server supports remote calls to a server-side class (C). When the client connects to the server, it should create a proxy class for C with same signatures. When the program calls proxy instance, it should call the function with same arguments at the server.


Consider using boltons.wraps - here's an excerpt from the documentation:

boltons.funcutils.wraps(func, injected=None, **kw)

Modeled after the built-in functools.wraps(), this function is used tomake your decorator’s wrapper functions reflect the wrappedfunction’s:

Name Documentation Module Signature

The built-in functools.wraps() copies the first three, but does notcopy the signature. This version of wraps can copy the innerfunction’s signature exactly, allowing seamless usage andintrospection. Usage is identical to the built-in version:

>>> from boltons.funcutils import wraps
>>> def print_return(func):
...     @wraps(func)
...     def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
...         ret = func(*args, **kwargs)
...         print(ret)
...         return ret
...     return wrapper
>>> @print_return
... def example():
...     '''docstring'''
...     return 'example return value'
>>> val = example()
example return value
>>> example.__name__
>>> example.__doc__

In addition, the boltons version of wraps supports modifying the outersignature based on the inner signature. By passing a list of injectedargument names, those arguments will be removed from the outerwrapper’s signature, allowing your decorator to provide arguments thataren’t passed in.

Parameters: func (function) – The callable whose attributes are tobe copied.

injected (list) – An optional list of argument names which should notappear in the new wrapper’s signature.

update_dict (bool) – Whether to copy other, non-standard attributes offunc over to the wrapper. Defaults to True.

inject_to_varkw (bool) – Ignore missing arguments when a **kwargs-typecatch-all is present. Defaults to True.

For more in-depth wrapping of functions, see the FunctionBuilder type,on which wraps was built.

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