Save unicode in redis but fetch error

2024/4/15 0:34:05

I'm using mongodb and redis, redis is my cache.

I'm caching mongodb objects with redis-py:

obj in mongodb: {u'name': u'match', u'section_title': u'\u6d3b\u52a8', u'title': 
u'\u6bd4\u8d5b', u'section_id': 1, u'_id': ObjectId('4fb1ed859b10ed2041000001'), u'id': 1}

the obj fetched from redis with hgetall(key, obj) is:

{'name': 'match', 'title': '\xe6\xaf\x94\xe8\xb5\x9b', 'section_title': 
'\xe6\xb4\xbb\xe5\x8a\xa8', 'section_id': '1', '_id': '4fb1ed859b10ed2041000001', 'id': '1'}

As you can see, obj fetched from cache is str instead of unicode, so in my app, there is error s like :'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe6 in position 12: ordinal not in range(128)

Can anyone give some suggestions? thank u


I think I've discovered the problem. After reading this, I had to explicitly decode from redis which is a pain, but works.

I stumbled across a blog post where the author's output was all unicode strings which was obv different to mine.

Looking into the StrictRedis.__init__ there is a parameter decode_responses which by default is False.

Pass in decode_responses=True on construct and for me this FIXES THE OP'S ISSUE.

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