SQLAlchemy NOT exists on subselect?

2024/4/14 19:22:57

I'm trying to replicate this raw sql into proper sqlalchemy implementation but after a lot of tries I can't find a proper way to do it:

FROM images i
WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT image_idFROM events eWHERE e.image_id=i.id AND e.chat_id=:chat_id)
ORDER BY random()

Closest I got is:

session.query(Image).filter(and_(Event.image_id == Image.id, Event.chat_id == chat_id)).order_by(func.random()).limit(1)

But I cant seem to find how to put the NOT EXISTS clause.

Can anyone lend a helping hand?



You're querying the FROM images table, but the WHERE clause is a subquery, not e.image_id=i.id AND e.chat_id=:chat_id (these filters are for events instead). So, the correct query is of the form


The way to form an EXISTS subquery is with the .exists() method, so to get NOT EXISTS just use the ~ operator:

subquery = ~session.query(Event).filter(Event.image_id == Image.id, Event.chat_id == chat_id).exists()

Note that the emitted query is not identical to your original (e.g. it uses EXISTS (SELECT 1 ...)), but it's functionally the same.


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