Python 3 Decoding Strings

2024/4/14 2:55:35

I understand that this is likely a repeat question, but I'm having trouble finding a solution.

In short I have a string I'd like to decode:

raw = "\x94my quote\x94"
string = decode(raw)

expected from string

'"my quote"'

Last point of note is that I'm working with Python 3 so raw is unicode, and thus is already decoded. Given that, what exactly do I need to do to "decode" the "\x94" characters?

string = "\x22my quote\x22"

You don't need to decode, Python 3 does that for you, but you need the correct control character for the double quote "

If however you have a different character set, it appears you have Windows-1252, then you need to decode the byte string from that character set:

str(b"\x94my quote\x94", "windows-1252")

If your string isn't a byte string you have to encode it first, I found the latin-1 encoding to work:

string = "\x94my quote\x94"
str(string.encode("latin-1"), "windows-1252")

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