openpyxl chage font size of title y_axis.title

2024/4/15 2:05:34

I am currently struggling with changing the font of y axis title & the charts title itself.

I have tried to create a font setting & applying it to the titles - with no luck what so ever.

new_chart.y_axis.title = chart_dict['y_title']
ft = Font(name='Calibri',size=11,bold = False,italic = False,vertAlign = None,underline = 'none',strike = False,color = 'FF000000')new_chart.y_axis.title.font = ft

Is there any easy setting for this - like:

chart.y_axis.title.some_size_attrib = 12

or am I in the wrong direction?


I hope it won't get you too late. After a lot of research I was able to find a way to change the font and its size from a chart segment using Openpyxl.

The size of the font is defined at the sz=1500 and this means the usual 15 font size. Using that logic 1200 is 12. The minimum is 100 and the maximum is 400000.

from openpyxl.chart.text import RichText
from openpyxl.drawing.text import Paragraph, ParagraphProperties, CharacterProperties, Font    font_test = Font(typeface='Calibri')
cp = CharacterProperties(latin=font_test, sz=1500)
chart.x_axis.txPr = RichText(p=[Paragraph(pPr=ParagraphProperties(defRPr=cp), endParaRPr=cp)])

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