How to bestow string-ness on my class?

2024/4/15 2:03:36

I want a string with one additional attribute, let's say whether to print it in red or green.

Subclassing(str) does not work, as it is immutable. I see the value, but it can be annoying.

Can multiple inheritence help? I never used that.

Inheriting only object and using self.value=str means I have to implement all string-ness messages (like strip) myself.

Or is there a way to forward them, like Ruby's missing_method?

I think using a class-level dictionary indexed by instance to store the color could work. Too ugly?


str can be inherited unless you are using a very old python version, for example :

>>> class A(str):
...    def __new__(cls, color, *args, **kwargs):
...        newobj = str.__new__(cls, *args, **kwargs)
...        newobj.color = color
...        return newobj
>>> a = A("#fff", "horse")
>>> a.color
>>> a
>>> a.startswith("h")

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